Birth of Baby Leo | Norfolk Homebirth | Hampton Roads Birth Photographer

I was so blessed to have been welcomed into this amazing home birth on a very short notice. I got to work along side the wonderful midwife Renea Cicero from Ohana Home Birth. I had just woken up after a very long birth as a doula and got a phone call from Renea asking if I wanted to attend this birth. I was out the door in 20 minutes. I arrive to a quaint house in a beautiful neighborhood to find that the momma would be delivering in the very near future. Her whole birth team was there surrounding her with love and encouragement. After being there only about a hour this momma delivered her baby right there in her dining room. Her own mother at her head and her husband catching their sweet Leo. It was a perfect birth. Showing a mothers strength is what I live for. These images portray the amazing journey this little family went through to meet their sweet new baby boy.


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