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I got a phone call early one morning that Sarah was in labor. She told me in our prenatal meeting that she tends to have fast transitional labor so I knew that I had to arrive as soon as I could. I arrived just as the midwife and assistant got there. We all were welcomed into their home and treated as if we were family. It was starting to creep close to sunrise and the midwife and her assistant got the birth pool ready. We soon realized that it would be a little while and settled down for a little nap before the fun started. Right at sunrise we all congregated in the kitchen where Sarah, in labor, was baking some banana bread to pass the time. The sun peeking through the windows and the smell of fresh bread made for one memorable labor. Her two daughters soon woke up and helped keep us entertained as their mom labored through the day. In the later afternoon we all sit in the master bedroom surrounding the mom with love and encouragement. The birth assistant helped Sarah labor with the rebozo to encourage baby to drop down more and Zaina the midwife looked on periodically checking heart tones. it was soon time for Sarah to get back into the birth pool. Her labor had intensified and was soon nearing the end. As soon as baby Isla was born Sarah sat back to receive her baby girl. I was standing over Sarah and Isla looked right up at me and almost made a smile. She then looked at her mother and greeted her with a smile and caring eyes. It was so wonderful and refreshing to see a family so involved in a birth. A while after she was born dad and kiddos cut the cord together. Births like this have me walking away feeling so refreshed and collected.


I hope that you can see the joy in this video and end it feeling the same feelings I did.

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