Ready or not...

During my little break when I was pregnant with my daughter I realized that birth is my thing. I have always had a passion for all things birth. Hence why I am a doula and love birth photography! After my beautiful daughter came into the world I made the decision, in 2016 I will be booking mainly birth! It has been a long time coming. After photographing my first birth in 2012 I have been addicted. I never thought I could make it to where I could offer just birth. This year will be my year. This year I will make it to my goal and next year I will be attending births each month either as a doula or birth photographer.

There are ways that you can help me spread my name out there! You can share on your Facebook. I get most of my clients by word of mouth. Your friends will trust what you say. Also a great way to help me out is know and explain the reason behind the price of birth photography. We basically have to go on call for up to a month so that we are focused on you and are ready when you go into labor. Not only the on call aspect but we also spend hours with you documenting your birth. Sometimes we can not have bathroom breaks or snack breaks. We are there dedicated to making sure we do not miss a moment. On top of that are business expenses and our time for editing. Its a investment into a great memory that would soon lose bits and pieces as years pass by. With this being said I do offer payment plans. We can work out any form of payment plan. I also accept credit as well as offer gift certificates so family or friends can gift you this session.

I want to be known for my birth photography. I want people to cry at the slideshows as they watch a new life being born. I want to capture those memories for the parents to relive over and over again for year to come. Let me be your birth photographer.