First births back from maternity leave

During my daughters pregnancy I had to stop birth work due to some medical issues sooner than I had planned. The rest of my pregnancy I was dying to support a mom or capture a birth. Well I was finally able to get back into the swing of things a few weeks ago! Actually I got to do two doula births in 24 hours! Yes, they welcomed me back with a bang! I was so grateful for my friend too who came and was able to tend to Holly seeing as she still wont take a bottle. Go figure lol! Of course at every doula birth I bring my camera with me to get a few shots for the parents. The first little boy was born very quickly! Quick enough that the nurse did not believe me that his head was crowing and the midwife was not even in the room. Mom pushed him out right onto the bed! Magical seeing as she had just been checked 23 min before and was 6cm! haha got to love second time moms! His daddy was deployed so I grabbed moms phone and took a snap shot for him to see! The second little girl was welcomed in the early morning into her moms waiting arms with her dad by the moms side! Both births were wonderful and it was a great opportunity for me to pull out my camera and get the hang of the lights of the hospital room again. My next birth photography momma is due in just three weeks and I am so excited to document the birth of her 4th child which we still do not know the gender of. July will for sure be so much fun.