Faith's Labor | Portsmouth Naval Hopsital Birth Photography | Hampton Roads Birth Photographer

One of the happiest moments ever is when you feel the courage to let go of what you cant change.

 This mom has the strength and determination to be a amazing mother. She is strong, wise and willing to know when to let go. Having a c-section is not what you want when going into the hospital for labor. It was the last thing on Faiths mind. She wanted to wait for pain meds and labor on her own. Things happen for a reason and when her baby came out we were all thankful that they were where they needed to be to get him the help he needed right after birth. Her son was born with a hole in his lung and whisked away to the NICU soon after birth.

This momma took her c-section like a champ and stayed positive through all of the chaos that came with a baby in the NICU. Her sweet boy is now home and doing amazing. Faith has had some complications though and can use all of the prayers, good vibes and juju she can get.

**Images of baby coming soon once momma is out of the hospital

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