Birth of Baby Declan | Virginia Beach Homebirth | Hampton Roads Birth Photographer

I woke up to a call from Anne who was Kristin's doula. When I answered I heard
"You coming?" I was in a daze and tried to focus and asked back "Coming to what?" Anne then said "To the birth. Kristin is in labor and it sounds like she is pushing!" That conversation woke me up and I rushed out the door within five minutes. I raced to her house at 4am wearing basically my pjs and made it to her house within 5 minutes. Yes we live that close. I get into the house and Kristin and Anne are in her room and it did sound like Kristin was pushing. She had tons of back labor and the urge to push was very much there. The midwives soon got there shortly after I did and within about thirty minutes of them arriving Kristin pushed her 10lb 2oz baby boy out right there on her bed. Such a magical experience to be there with her for this amazing day. I had previous a year and a half before attended her first labor with her son Rory (adorable blonde boy in the images). Kristin's husband was deployed and she wanted to make sure that she was close by for her son, so she chose home birth. Such a wonderful and fantastic way to start a day!

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