Baby Jack's Birth Story | Bon Secours Depaul Labor and Delivery Norfolk, Virginia | Hampton Roads Birth Photographer

In the evening of January 7th I got a text that Jack's mom had her waters break. I was just so exited for her. Having gone through infertility myself I know how much a baby means when you have waited so long to meet them. I got butterflies in my stomach as I though about watching them welcome this sweet baby into the world. She asked me if I thought I should wait or should come to her then. I let her know that having more pictures was never a bad thing. In the back of my mind I had a feeling though that she would have a fast labor. I got my equipment together and headed out the door. When I arrived to the hospital I went up to the labor and delivery unit to meet them. When I entered the room Meg (Jack's mom) was laboring away. You could hear in her moans that she was entering transition and could tell at her thoughts of loosing control that she was getting close. Meg swayed with her husband and doula through the next few contractions. Once she went to the bathroom you could hear in the next contraction that it was time. The nurse came in and checked Meg and she had just a lip left to go. Renea (the doula) and Chris (dad) stood on either side of Meg's bed. They comforted and reassured her through the most intense part of her labor. On her hands and knees she pushed her baby into the world in the wee morning on January 8th. They had not known the gender of the baby. Once he was out all I heard was a cry from him and Chris say "It's a boy!" I do have to say that I cried some tears for them. They have a sweet little girl at home and she now has a little brother. After the labor was over they lay and stare into his eyes. Just enthralled that they now have a son. A new baby that they have waited so long for. This is what true bliss is. I am so honored that I was able to be there for them and capture these moments so they can look back on such a memorable day.

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