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The morning of baby Jack's newborn session it was raining. I looked out the kitchen window and thought it was snow. I yelled to my husband "ITS SNOWING!!" He said "I think you need your eyes checked, its just rain." I was a little crushed because I had this vision in my head of coming to their house and it would be snowing and that would be the video I start with. About a hour later I looked out the window again and I saw the largest snow flakes I have ever seen. I yelled to my husband "ITS REALLY SNOWING OUT!!" He did not believe me again. I guess you can say the boy who cried wolf! haha! I was just so excited that it was snowing and I would be able to incorporate my vision of snow into their newborn video. 

Their newborn images will be on the blog in the next week or two once I get caught up with editing.

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