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I had just left my house on September 16th around noon to go run errands when I got the phone call from Mrs. A that she was in labor. I turned around and headed home to grab my equipment and head to her home. When I arrived she was clearly in active labor. Mrs. A's doula was using a rebozo to cradle Mrs. A's belly during contractions and while resting. She was a true beauty during each surge. 

Everyone sat around watching Mrs. A labor on. Through her surges and nausea she made only breathing noises. She was deep in her labor and riding her waves like a champ. After a little while of laboring in her living room Mrs. A moved into her bed room and decided that she would stay there for the remainder of her labor. She moved from hands and knees to standing between sets of surges. As the end of her labor came closer she leaned on her husband for support. One surge came and her body pushed for the first time. We all gathered and got ready for baby Q's arrival. The midwife and her assistant gathered the stuff to put under Mrs. A to protect the carpet from everything that comes with birth. Mrs. A stood with one foot on her bed and one foot on the floor leaning on her husband. After a few surges with pushing the amniotic sac appeared and baby Q's head was at the perineum. The midwife felt to make sure that the head was there and the next contraction with one push his head was born. The amniotic sac was still intact at this point and covering his head. The midwife reached with one hand to get the sac off his face and Mrs. A pushed again and the whole body was born in one giant gush. The midwife had her hands on baby the whole time. Baby Q let out cry to announce he had made it earth side!

During the delivery the cord did have two little tears on one side. Mother and baby were never in danger during this delivery. When babies are born and clear the birth canal a few things happen that help to transition their body to the outside world. Upon the first breath there is a increase of oxygen to their system as well as a drop in prostaglandins, paired with the cooler air that hits the umbilical cord, the cord starts to contract and clamp down on the vein and arteries. During this process the baby's system starts to change and the outflow of blood/waste through the vein slows dramatically from the baby to the placenta. Within a minute to a few minutes the vein is fully contracted down and closed so that no blood is coming from baby to the placenta. The arteries continue to contract down bringing what blood is left in the placenta to the baby.  By the time that the baby was placed on the moms chest the cord was done pulsing and the clots started to form. This all happened in less than one minute. 

Shortly after the cord was clamped Mrs. A got to sit back and admire her sweet baby. There is no greater joy than seeing a family be born. I am still in awe today looking at these images and remembering how calm and collected this mother was. 

Some fun facts about the birth of baby Q 

  • He shares a birthday with Mrs. A's best friend, who you can see in the birth images! She was there to help welcome her new birthday buddy into the world!
  • September 16th is Mrs. A's parents anniversary. They married in 78' and baby Q was 7lbs 8oz at birth!
  • He was born on a full harvest moon.
  • September 16th is also Mexican Independence Day, his father is Mexican. 

This little boy is oh so special! 


*Each image is shared with full permission from Mrs. A. She wanted to make sure that the whole story was told after a fear mongering "birth worker" tried to tell the story for her with negative comments that were not true. This is her birth story. Never were they in danger. This is birth,. 

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