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There are few words that describe this amazing couple. Passion. Tenderness. Endearment. There is just so much passion between the two of them that you can feel the energy and static rise when they touch. 

Two years ago Angel contacted me to encapsulate her placenta and this time it was to do the same, and document her labor journey. There was a little twist though. Chelsea Furlong who is a friend of mine and a fellow colleague in the photography business would be joining us for the delivery so she can get her toes wet in the birth photography craze. When Angel asked if she could join and shoot along side me I instantly said yes. Chelsea is our own family photographer, how could I not want to shoot along side her?

Fast forward a few months and I get a phone call around 730am on September 26th. It was Chelsea. She let me know that Angels husband had called her and let her know that Angel was in labor. I contacted them. Her husband, Ray, said that he would let me know when they were leaving for the hospital. After hanging up the phone I got all of my equipment together and had my babysitter on the phone. I got a call from Ray saying that they were headed in. I rushed around and got my kids together and headed to the sitters. 

Once I pulled into the hospital parking lot I met up with Chelsea and we both walked up to the midwifery center together. We entered into the birth room to see Angel and Ray laboring together by the birth pool. It was already so peaceful. You could smell essential oils in the air and could hear the swooshing of the birth pool water. Through every contraction Angel rocked her hips on her birth ball and surrendered herself to her body. She kept herself moving from ball to shower to bed to ball. Once it was time to get into the pool she was in transitional labor. It did not take long for her to get to fully dilated and the midwife suggested to take the birthing to the bed. Angel was a fierce warrior and pushed her sweet new baby girl down and out. We knew her whole labor that her sweet baby was posterior due to the back labor and by vaginal checks. The midwife, Nell, said that when she came down and almost crowning she could see Scarlet's head turn while it was on the perineum. She came out like a corkscrew! 

After the birth Angel and Ray sat around joking and telling stories, like the amazing couple they are. I can say that I was truly blessed to be able to witness such a beautiful birth. 

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