Welcome Baby Olaya | Langley AFB Hospital | Hampton Roads Birth Photographer

As Amanda finally entered her second trimester of pregnancy she decided that she wanted her birth journey documented. The plan was to try for a vbac and her birth team was so supportive. The day finally came that she would get induced. She let me know when they went into the hospital and I kept in touch with her and got updates frequently. The plan was the next morning I would just join them at the hospital and stay until the delivery. I got a text around 730am when I woke up that she was 5 cm and that things were going good. I told her I would start getting ready. Right after I left my house around 9:15am I got a phone call saying that she was going in for a emergency c-section. I tried to rush to the hospital as fast as I could so that I could go back with her but I missed the chance by 5 minutes. As I was waiting at the nurses desk to find out the room, dad was being taken back to be with mom. I went back to their room and waited for them to return. Once they returned they filled me in. Olaya was born and had a little difficult breathing shortly after birth. To be safe they took her to the NICU to be on a CPAP machine. Soon after Olaya's dad and I went back to the NICU to see her. She was so tiny and perfect. I could see her beauty shining through the wires and tubes. Once her big brothers arrived I got to go in and document the moment that her older brother got to meet her. He other brother was still too young to go into the NICU. After about four hours of being on the CPAP she was taken off of the machine and put onto regular oxygen and from there she was taken off all together. After about 6 hours Amanda was able to come into the NICU and hold her sweet baby girl. Watching them bond after a few hours away from each other, was magical.  


This evening I got to see sweet baby Olaya and her wonderful family for a lifestyle session in their home. She is now 7 weeks old and thriving. I will see her again in another month for her 3 month pictures and can not wait to see how much she has grown. 

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