Welcome Baby Florence | Bon Secours Depaul Hospital Norfolk Virginia | Hampton Roads Birth Photographer

This sweet family had interviewed me as a doula. They hired me as a birth photographer and hired one of my favorite midwives/doulas to support them. That worked out perfectly. On the evening of February 24th I got a text from Meg that her doctors were inducing her after the appointment she had just went to did not go as planned. Sometimes thing happen and we have no control over them. Meg took every change in her birth plan with grace and dignity. It was a long induction. Around 6pm on the 25th I was called to join their journey. When I got there Meg was still laboring away. Through every contraction and in between she would focus on the "Supernatural Childbirth" disc that was playing. She would lean on her husband for support and turn to her doula for reassurance. Such a peaceful and serene environment. Megs best friend was there as well offering up calming smiles and loving eyes. 

A few hours after I arrived Meg decided that she needed to relax to let her body open up more. (if you have not been induced, the pain is unbearable.) By the time the epidural was placed and she was laid in bed she was ready for a nap. A few hours later it was time to push. 

Standing back and watching two people about to become parents is one of the most amazing things someone can ever witness. You can see the anticipation flow through their eyes. One moment you see there staring off into space and then you see tears well up in their eyes. You know at that moment that it has hit them that they will see their baby soon. Those moments are the ones that I am looking to capture. No one else notices them and its just a fleeting second that is lost forever in the chaos of childbirth. 

When Meg and her husband decided to hire me they asked if I could use "Our Love" by Judah and the Lion for their video. As of course most people know I have to purchase the rights to the songs that I use. I told her that I was unsure if I could purchase the rights to that song because some songs don't have that option. After I got that text from her I went onto the site that I get all of the licensing from and typed in the bands name. Sure enough the first song that popped up was "Our Love" and I was so excited to let her know that I could in fact use it. Now this next part will give you the goosies.. When Meg was pushing and florence started to crown, I kid you not, "Our love" came on from their phone. I started crying. Yes, I cried. I said "Meg do you hear that?" and in the midst of her downtime between contractions she looked up and listened. The both of us were shocked. What fate to have that one song you hoped for come on when your sweet baby came into the world. 

I hope you enjoy this video and the song!