"What should I wear at my birth?" | Hampton Roads Birth Photographer

Of course as women we want to look our best, even if we just birthed a baby. This is actually one of the top worries moms have when they contact me. 

"What do you even wear for a birth session?"

I just want to start with saying that you can wear whatever you want. You could be naked for all I care. I have seen everything. Trust me when I say this. Having been a doula for almost 4 years I have seen every shape and size of boobs and every "styling" of lady bits. Wear what makes you comfortable. I knew that I was going to have video during my last birth. I decided to buy a pair of yoga shorts from Target and a nursing top with a tank top over that. The tank top came off pretty fast but I kept my nursing bra on and shorts on right up to my daughters birth. 

My suggestion to moms when they hire me to do their birth is find a comfortable bra and some yoga pants or even a pretty night dress to wear. Something that you can take off easily for after the birth. I will show a few different choices some moms had during their birth. I also want to put out there that you do not have to wear a hospital gown if you do not want to. It's your birth and your choice on what you want to wear. At the end of the day you will not even be looking at yourself and what you are wearing. You will be seeing the emotion, determination, dedication and the pure beauty of yourself in labor. Not to mention your sweet new baby.


Also, yes your birthday suit is a perfectly acceptable thing to wear. I will always find ways with angles to get the best shots that you can still share if you wish! <3

^^ These maternity bras can be purchased at Target for $20 and are great for after baby is born and breastfeeding. 

sarah home birth 075.jpg

A Lace bra or bralette is great for birth as well. It is light and airy and makes for a romantic and beautiful feel to your images. You can find these online at multiple stores. Maybe even your local department store. 

A simple t-shirt goes a long way. Its light and airy as well and you can easily take it off after baby is born. 

A night dress and panties make for a very comfortable duo while in labor. The dress can be lifted when the monitors are hooked up and underwear covers your bits. If you have portable monitors and want to walk around you can just slip the dress right over the monitors and it coves all of your parts that you do not want to flash to the world. 

If you want to glam up your birth space you can get these adorable robes on Etsy. These are very versatile and most of the shops make them monitoring friendly. They will have slits where you can fit the monitor cords through and still be able to close the front. 

I hope this helps answer your questions about what to wear. Always remember that if you book a birth session, or any session, I am always available via message and email to chat with you about your session and give you ideas on what to wear. 

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