Welcome Baby Luke and Welcome Home Luke's Daddy! | Portsmouth Naval Hospital Portsmouth Virginia | Hampton Roads Birth Photographer

Last week was a big week for Tabatha and her sweet little family. On April 5th Tabatha was induced because she had pre eclampsia. On the 6th she was ready for me to come join and capture the rest of the journey. Now let me say this, no matter how you birth your child you are still a amazing mother. Tabatha tried everything to make it a safe labor for herself and her son. At the end of the day it was best if she had a c-section. Her mom by her side, they welcomed baby Luke into the world at 8:26pm on April 6th. Now her story gets better! Two days after the delivery I went to do a fresh 48 session for her. She was breastfeeding like a champ and she was feeling great. She dropped some news on me though that almost brought me to tears. Her husband, who was deployed, was coming home in a few days! So not only did I capture her birth journey and fresh 48 in one week, I was also going to be capturing the homecoming of her husband and the meeting of baby Luke! How crazy is that? While we were all waiting at the airport to welcome Josh home Tabatha was nervous. You could just tell that the missing piece in her life at that very moment was her husband. As he came around the corner she went to him. Just a few days after a c-section she ran as fast as she could to be in his arms. They walked up to their sweet new baby boy and enjoyed every moment. I cried. Its so amazing to capture such a journey for a friend of mine. I can not be any happier for them in this very moment! 


Welcome baby Luke and welcome home Josh. Thank you for all that you do for our country and for sacrificing precious moments so that we can be safe at home.