Welcome Baby Sullivan | Sentara Princess Anne Hospital Virginia Beach Virginia | Hampton Roads Birth Photographer

The strength of a mother never ceases to amaze me during a delivery. No matter how it goes or how fast it goes. The sheer awe that I get when a mother holds her child for the first time. I will be sappy and admit that I still cry at every birth I attend. This was #56 for me and I cried. Its hard not to. 

On March 8th 2016 I got a call from Mrs. A that they were headed to get induced that day. Being her third child I knew that it would not take that long for the process to work and for her sweet baby boy to join the world. Around midnight I got the call that it was time for me to come start documenting their journey. When I arrived I was greeted by my friend Mrs. M who is a labor and delivery nurse at Sentara Princess Anne Hospital. I had told Mrs. A that she was going to be on that night and to ask for her. Mrs. M is such a amazing nurse and loves to help moms achieve the birth that they want. 

Soon after arriving to the hospital they checked Mrs. A and she was almost fully dilated. They decided to let her labor down a bit so we hunkered down and started watching Brides Maids of all things. (I actually forgot how funny that movie is!) Some time passes and it was finally time to push. Things were taking a little longer than it had with her previous two boys. Mrs. A pushed for almost three hours and in the early hours of March 9th 2016 baby Sullivan was born weighing 9lbs 2oz! He was the biggest of them all. Such a squishy chunk! I just love documenting families when their birth journeys are coming to a end. This will be their last child and its a bittersweet moment for them. The last delivery. The last newborn. All of these memories are now documented for them to look back on. Another family forever in my hearts as they bring home a new sweet son. 

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