Birth of Baby Hugo | Sentara Norfolk General Labor and Delivery | Hampton Roads Birth Photographer | Norfolk Birth Photographer

Before I went to bed on April 17th I knew someone was going to go into labor. Sure enough in the very early morning hours I got a phone call from Mrs. K's husband saying that they were at the hospital and she was 9cm dilated. That woke me up real quick. I threw on some clothes and ran out the door with my gear and headed to Norfolk General Hospital. When I arrived I thought she would have had the baby already but she was still waiting for her body to release and open a little bit more. With her Midwives by her side she labored on into dawn and then it was time to push. While she was pushing Hugo's heart rate did some dips but maintained for a while. Shortly after delivery they noticed that he needed some assistance breathing and the staff did a amazing job. Before taking sweet Hugo over to the NICU this one amazing Respiratory Therapist who had been working on him, brought him to his mom. Mrs. K had yet to hold her son and look at his face. The amazing tenderness that Mable the amazing RT there that day let this mom meet her son before he was taken away to be checked out. It was a amazing yet scary birth but Hugo is now home and doing amazing, all thanks to the wonderful staff at Norfolk General.