Birth of Baby Tempest

In the very early morning on April 24th I got a phone call from Concha's husband that she was in labor. During our first meeting she told me about how her sons labor was short and he came early. I knew that as soon as her husband called I had to leave right away to get to her. Once I arrived to her home I knew that labor would not be long and there would be a baby there soon. Soon after I got there the midwife arrived and started setting up the birth pool and getting things ready. We sat off to the side and watched as Concha powered through her labor and found what made her comfortable. Once she got into the tub things progressed fast. She just had the urge to pee but the first time she went she was not able too. She came back in and got back into the birth pool. 10 minutes later she went back into the bathroom as the midwife and I watched from the sidelines. Soon after she went into the bathroom we heard her next contractions and got up and ran to the bathroom. Concha could feel the baby move down with that contraction. We all got ready and her next contraction her sweet baby slide her way into this world, right there in the bathroom. As Concha reached down and brought her new baby to her chest she soon realized that she gave birth to a baby girl. I remember her yelling out "Its A GIRL" and then I looked to my left and Concha's son Rogue was standing there in a daze. I picked him up and showed him his baby sister and handed him off to dad. After getting things situated in the bathroom mom moved to the living room where she laid down and proceeded to nurse her 2 year old son and did skin on skin with her new little girl, Tempest. It was the sweetest moment to see how much love was in that room. Concha is such a amazing mom and it really shows in these images. 

Yes, Tempest was like a little red hotdog. She was so pink after delivery thanks to delayed cord clamping.