Birth of Baby Weston | Sentara Obici Hospital Suffolk Virginia | Hampton Roads Birth Photographer


On May 3rd Mrs. A was getting her induction started out at Sentara Obici in Suffolk Virginia. She was keeping me up to date on how her labor was progressing and I was just waiting for the call saying that she was in active labor and making progress. She messaged me around 6am on May 4th and let me know that she was at 4cm and 70% effaced. I told her that I would probably come around noon or 1pm that day to start documenting unless things progressed further at her next check. She agreed and I kept my phone close. Around 11am she was checked and she was still at a 4 but was 100% effaced. My babysitter walked in the door after right before 1pm and I got a phone call from Mrs. A's husband. He told me that she was fully dilated and ready to push!! She went from 4-10 in 2 hours! I think I may have said "Oh S***"...oops! Haha. I ran out the door and hopped into the car and took off. I made it to the hospital in 26 minutes which would have usually taken me about 30-45 minutes to drive. When I walked into the room Mrs. A was still pushing. Phew. That usually does not happen with a first time mom but it did happen to her. Birth is just so unpredictable. 

Mrs. A pushed for a little while longer surrounded by her mom, mother in law and husband. Sweet baby Weston was born shortly after I arrived. It was such a beautiful birth and Mrs. A did a fantastic job. Even with birth being so unpredictable it is just so amazing to be able to attend and document a new families journey.