Baby Nasir's Home Birth | Ohana Home Birth | Hampton Roads Birth Photographer

In the early morning hours of May 5th I got the call that Jara was in labor. I sent Renea, the midwife, a text to see when she was headed there. I told her to just let me know when she gets there how it was going. Renea replied back shortly after and said that her water was broken so head to the house. We knew that Nasir being her second child, labor was soon coming to a end. I hopped into my van and rushed to her home 10 minutes away. Upon arriving I could hear Jara moaning through her contractions in their bath. I went up to join her husband, Sam, and her in the bathroom. Seeing as it was a tight space and dark I pulled out my flash to make sure that I did not miss this birth. Renea arrived shortly after with her assistant Chelsea and Jara made her way out of the bath. Upon standing up we all heard the next contraction. She was ready to welcome her baby earth side. I positioned myself on the toiled while Renea kneeled on the floor behind Jara. See, when women are this deep into labor its hard to move sometimes. You have to make due with where you are. 

Within a few minutes of starting to push Nasir made his way into this world. He was passed under Jara's legs and into her arms. It was such a beautiful sight to see. Sam was so beside himself that his wife just had a baby on the bathroom floor. He gave her a giant kiss and was just looking at her with admiration. This man saw the power of something that is so natural. Soon after the baby was delivered their son Eli came to see what all the noise was about. It was love at first sight for him. As soon as Nasir was passed to Sam so Jara could get up, Eli had to show him his whale. While Jara was pregnant she got a whale with the sound of Nasir's heart beat in it. I shed a few tears of pure love during this moment. 

Shortly after Jara was tucked into bed with both her boys and ready to take a nap before starting her day. The joy of home birth. 

*Please remember that all images are shared with permission from the family.