Birth of Baby Ryen | Bon Secours Depaul Labor and Delivery Norfolk Virginia | Hampton Roads Birth Photographer | Norfolk Virginia Birth Photographer

The moment this couple walked into my studio to meet for the first time, I knew that I loved their energy. They are such a happy and loving couple. They are the kind of people who are just 24/7 lovey with each other and that makes me smile from ear to ear. Jessica was so excited to be having a baby. I got the call that her water broke on May 19th. They went in soon after since she was group B+ and told me they would keep me updated. The day went on and nothing much was happening. I told her that I would come in and get some images before heading home for the night if she was not progressing. While there I got her amazing husband to do some different positions with her to encourage baby to wiggle his little head around and engage fully to her cervix. I left around 11pm that evening since things were not progressing. I got the call around 2am in the morning that she was 9cm and the baby would be there in a matter of hours! I rushed on to the hospital and was greeted by some excited parents to be. Soon after Jessica started pushing and her wonderful doctor was so encouraging. Not too much longer after her sweet son Ryen made his way earth side. 

The funny thing with this delivery is I didn't cry. I usually cry at deliveries. Actually, every delivery I have attended I cried. I was doing good until dad kissed mom on the forehead and I saw him wipe a tear away. I lost it and was behind the bed bawling like a baby. Josh (the dad) was so tender with Jessica. He kept kissing her and his new son. He helped her with breastfeeding and also did skin on skin right in bed next to mom. My heart was bursting with love for this sweet couple. Watching them grow from just a married couple to having a child has been one of the most amazing journey's I have captured. I hope you enjoy this awesome documented journey. I know that I love looking back on it.