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I have known this sweet family since I was first starting out. Actually, they were my very first home birth clients for birth photography. I was a turning point in my life watching her labor and deliver at home. Right then and there when she gave birth to her now 3 year old I knew that I had a true passion for capturing the amazing birth journeys that happen at home. 

Fast forward to May 30th and I get a early morning phone call. Shee was in labor! I remember when her spouse called I thought it was the other couple who was in the hospital getting induced. I rushed over to their place and was so excited the whole way there. Upon arriving to their home I saw Shee was laboring in her tub with her spouse right there by her side. They are both Bradley instructors here in Hampton Roads. This man truly knows how to be her rock during labor. Shortly after getting there she moved to her birthing stool to labor more and check progress. It was not long until she wanted back into the bath. Shortly after getting back into the bath she had the urge to push and her sweet baby girl made her way into her arms. (Images are not pictured for mothers privacy ;) ) 

Baby had to get a little bit of patting on her back because she has a little bit of meconium when Shee's water broke before she was delivered. Soon after she was breathing great and ready to snuggle with dad, mom and the midwife, Renea. Just a truly beautiful labor and birth and I was so happy to be there to document their journey once again. 

I remember taking pictures of this same bassinet at her last birth.