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Baby Christian was baby number #3 that I saw on the 230th of May. First was Shee's birth then a fresh 48 that I will be posting and then this sweet little guys birth. It was a very busy day for me. All of this happened too while my husband was moving us to our new home. The life of a birth photographer can get crazy some times. 

This sweet mom Melissa was induced the night before. She was not feeling any contractions yet she was having them. I arrived to her around 1pm on the 30th. She was laying in bed and laughing with her spouse. Things were moving slow so I recommended some positions to try and see if we could move her along. After a few hours we all decided that I would go home until things picked up more since there was no change. My husband had dropped me off so he came and grabbed me. We headed out for a bite to eat before returning home. Soon after we finished our dinner and headed in the direction of our home I got a phone call from Melissa's spouse. He told me that the dr had broken her water and the contractions were coming fast and strong. We turned around and I got dropped back off. I was in it now for the long haul. When I arrived back to her room she was contracting like before but she was feeling that pitocin now. Trying to get comfortable, which was impossible, she decided on the epidural to help ease the pain of the strong contractions. Soon after her epidural was placed she was fast asleep only to be woken up after a vaginal check that showed she was ready to push. Those naps with the epidural always seem to do the tick for some moms. 

Melissa started pushing and her sweet son, Christian, was born shortly after. Dad was so happy and mom was so in love. Truly such a amazing little family. Mom and dad made sure that Christian's face was covered from the bright lights and snuggled him close during their 1 hour quite time.