Birth of Baby Eden | Ohana Home Birth | Outdoor Water Birth | Hampton Roads Birth Photographer

The morning of August 7th I got a text from Renea letting me know that early labor had started. I was on the edge of my seat all the day. I brought my camera everywhere I went just in case she called and it was time for me to go to her. Fast forward to the middle of the night and I get a text from my babysitter just checking in at 330am to see if I needed her. I messaged her back "No, I have not heard anything yet" and after hitting send I got a new message on my phone, from Renea. It was time. I gathered my stuff and headed out the door. I arrived to her house and welcomed in by a talking and laughing Renea. I got my camera ready and we headed to the back where she had her birth space ready. 

Twinkle lights and sheer curtains lined the pergola they had put up just for her birth. It was beautiful and tranquil. One by one family and friends as well as her midwife and assistant arrived. Renea decided that she wanted to go for a walk. We went around her house and she stopped for a contraction, leaning on her midwives car. A few seconds in I hear "My water broke!" Next thing I know Renea is running back to the back of her house to get into the pool. I guess after her water broke with her other children they were born the next contraction. It was not the case this time. She still had close to two hours left. Renea entered her birth pool just as her contractions picked up and she got into active and transitional labor. Her family and friends sat around watching her conquer her contractions one by one. Before we knew it she was pushing and sweet Eden made her way earth side. 

It was so magical to watch everyone's faces after the birth. Her oldest daughter and one of her sons was looking on. Her husband right by her side and everyone else so excited at the new life. I have to admit, I cried too. After Renea was out of the tub, Eden was passed around to meet family while Renea took some time to recover. Before I left they were reunited on the couch to snuggle in for the day and rest.