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I spent many months building my relationship with Elizabeth and Travis. They came to me early on in their pregnancy wanting to have EVERYTHING documented. Elizabeth and I saw each other every two weeks starting when she was 22 weeks pregnant for bump progression pictures. Before we knew it, it was time for her 36 week home visit with the midwives. We all met at her house and made a plan for the upcoming birth. Elizabeth was nervous but so ready for her baby to be here. We saw each other when she was 38 weeks pregnant for her bump progression pictures and she said to me "I don't think anything will happen soon. I don't feel anything changing." I laughed and told her that it can all go from 0 to 100mph in a matter of hours with labor. I told her that I would see her that weekend for her milk bath and maternity session. A few days later I get a phone call at 9am from Elizabeth. Her water broke. THE DAY BEFORE HER MILK BATH SESSION! Go figure, haha! 

I arrived to Elizabeths house around 4pm. We decided that we would get some pictures at her home, minus the milk bath. She did her makeup and had me do her hair and we headed up the stairs to do some maternity pictures. I had bought a really nice sage green set for her milk bath with a lace shawl so she put it on and we improvised. Around 7pm she put on her maternity gown and laid on the bed. Active labor started right then and there. Soon the birth support started rolling in. The midwives arrived and shortly after her doula arrived. It went from 0 to 100mph in a matter of hours. 

Elizabeth labored on her bed with her husband at one side and her doula on the other. The midwives checked the baby's heart rate a few times in between contractions. For one point Elizabeth was fighting her contractions. Most moms do. Its a sensation that we never felt before, for first time moms, and we don't know how to handle it until we are actually in the throws of it. It took her a little while but she found her rhythm. She rode her waves and conquered labor like the goddess she is. A few hours into her labor we heard the first involuntary push. We knew she was nearing the end. She cried out "SOMEONE FILL UP THE BATH!" 

We all congregated in her bathroom and hunkered down for the rest of her labor. She rested in between the surges and pushed with her body when it was time. Travis sat in front of her waiting to catch his new baby. We all were silent during one of her surges and after she made one big push she said "Finally!!" She had finally brought her baby past the pubic bone. Her baby was almost here. The next surge, Elizabeth gave a few good pushes and her sweet baby slid out into dads waiting hands. 

"IT"S A GIRL!" Travis yelled out. They had waited the whole pregnancy to find out. I remember Elizabeth saying "She looks just like me!". Everyone in that room was over the moon for the both of them. A sweet new baby girl nestling into her soon to be favorite spot on her moms chest. After the delivery and mom had a second to admire her new daughter, dad took her and went to lay on the bed and bond with her. Elizabeth hung out in the bath until she was ready to get out and soon met them on the bed to settle into being a family of three. 

I just love watching a first time mom take control of her labor and birth. Not one time did Elizabeth get checked for dilation. She trusted her body to do what it needed to do. She worked with her body to make it happen. She made her birth what she wanted it to be. 

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