Birth of Quentin | Portsmouth Naval Hospital Labor and Delivery | Hampton Roads Birth Photographer

When I met Morgyn and her husband before he left for deployment her biggest fear was giving birth without him. He is her rock. He holders her up when she is down. A mother having to face her labor alone and without her spouse there is one that needs the most support. 

When Morgyn told me that she was headed to the hospital because she had high blood pressure I reassured her that I would be there for her through it all. I had planned to be there for her as soon as I could get there and stay until she was ready to go to Postpartum. Knowing that her family could not be there and limited support from friends, she needed someone there to encourage her through it all. 

When I arrived she was brave and standing her ground. Every ounce of confidence she had summoned and sitting on her shoulders holding her together. So much strength in her eyes, even when things did not go as planned. We laughed and we cried. Even though her husband was not there his emails and calls eased her mind and helped to lift her spirits. 

Through the whole induction she was told that it would be a while before delivery happened. I remember Morgyn telling me 

"I know it will be a fast labor. I can feel that my body will work with me and for me."

Sure enough the next afternoon she gave birth to her son. A handsome and sweet boy, Quentin. 

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