2016 Birthphotographers.com Image Contest Entries | Hampton Roads Birth Photographer

Each year birthphotographers.com holds a image contest for birth photographers all over the world to enter and show off the amazing images they have taken that year. I remember seeing four years ago the image contest and knowing that one day I would be good enough to enter that contest. This year I feel like I have strong image, but of course there are so many amazing photographers out there who far surpass the skill that I have. 

Even if I am not to win this year I still felt that its a great opportunity to show off some of the amazing images that I took this year and put more of those birth images out there on the internet. Its important for me to be able to share birth with millions of people. Birth needs to be made normal. 

This year I chose these three images. One for Postpartum category, one for Delivery and one for birth details. I felt like these images were the fan favorites this year and three of my favs as well. 

Keep a eye out for the official contest and remember to vote for your most loved image. 

Michelle Collins1 Comment