Birth of Ava | Portsmouth Naval Hospital | Hampton Roads Birth Photographer

It was a busy year last year and coming into the new year I knew that there were going to be awesome stories to document.  I could feel it when talking to Lauren the first time ever. She would be one of those moms that would walk into the hospital and have her baby soon after. 


On January 13th in the evening I got the text that she was sure she was in early labor. When her contractions got stronger she headed up to the hospital and I knew to follow suit. I was sitting in my car when they pulled up and walked with them to L&D. While they were back in triage I sat in the waiting room, hoping that she would not go too fast to where I could not make it back in time. Yes. That has happened before! Her husband called me about 20 minutes later saying that they have a room and I walked back. She was 6cm and deep into labor. Once I arrived in the room I could sense and see that her contractions had changed and she was in transition. 

Lauren labored standing at the side of the bed. Her husband stroking her back and adding pressure when told. He was so attentive and helped ease her discomfort with his presence. Not even twenty minutes later the nurse and midwife were setting up the birthing stool..........


Yes! Midwife Brown purchased a birthing stool for moms to use during low risk births. This made my heart skip a few beats. I was so excited that finally moms had another option to birth in a different position in a hospital and the person attending was initiating the change. 

Once Lauren sat down her body started to push. Through each contraction her baby got lower and closer to meeting her mom. Dad sat right by her side and waited to see his daughters face. A few pushes later and Ava was born and brought right into Lauren's arms. Dad sat in awe of his wife and mom sat in wonder of her daughter. It was a beautiful and peaceful birth to say the least. 

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