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Entering into this birth was like walking into a village. Woman surrounding a mother in her most vulnerable moment to support her. Everywhere you turned there was someone wanting to help and lend a hand to make sure she was 100% comforted. 

Vivian faced a birth without her husband by her side. Like most women who are married to military men, we need to muster strength to get through the hard times and find our family in the friends that we have. Her birth space was decorated beautifully and really represented who she is and what she believes. She made sure that she would be well loved and comforted through it all. 

Surrounded by two friends, two doulas and two midwives she labored beautifully until it was time to get into the birth pool. With the contractions increasing intensity we all sat and lifted up the energy in the room for her. With each contraction her body moved further and further into labor until she had the urge to push. 

While Vivian labored, her cat sat close by. Animals have this amazing sense of when a woman is about to give birth. They always gravitate towards the laboring moms to check them out and see the new baby being brought earth side. 

Vivian needed to get out the tub. Her body was telling her to move out and get in a better position. Her doula, Amelia, helped her get on the birthing stool and then on the floor to help ease the waves of labor. 

Chelsea, the midwife in training, was helping guide Vivian on where baby's head was and when to push. Once Vivian reached down she soon felt his head emerge from her right into her hand. Soon after the head was out Chelsea realized that the baby was en caul with the sac still around his face and fluid visible around his head. 

You can see where the sac was removed from his head and it laid on his moms arm as she takes in the first cries of her son.

Her doulas, Amelia and Liz, look on as her sweet boy takes in his new world.

Sweet newborn bubbles. 

Disconnecting his life line. 

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