Praying for a Baby | IVF Journey | Riverside Hospital Newport News | Hampton Roads Birth Photographer

Brannan and I met just as Facebook friends a few years ago. She is a local photographer so we were apart of a few groups together. Last year I saw a Go Fund Me account open that was supporting them to continue on their baby journey through IVF. What I saw done that day on that Go Fund Me spoke to my heart. So many people from our community supporting this amazing couple on their journey. Raising money to make sure that they can pay for the costly IVF process. 

I continued following them as they went in for the transfer. Soon after they were announcing that they were pregnant with twins! I remember crying at their excitement. Knowing how much God had a part in their life. 

After a few weeks the devastating announcement came that one of the twins was no longer there but there was still one baby, heartbeat still going strong. If anyone knows me, they know that I love births that have a story behind them. I love supporting people on preserving these memories, especially when it comes to families who are strong in faith. 

I remember one day sitting at my computer working and I went over to my personal Facebook page. I saw a post from Brannan. She was saying how she was just in awe of everything and how thankful she is for being able to be a mother. I sat there for a moment. I was having a horrible day. My children were making messes and fighting with each other. Her comment made me stop in my tracks and remember that I should be thankful for my children and what we have. I knew in that moment that she brought me some peace, so I would bring some to her. 

I contacted Brannan and offered to document her birth, free of charge. I wanted to make sure that she remembers every day of her life how strong she is and how she has helped me to remember how much children are blessings. 

Come to find out our local community has started to band together to make sure that Brannan and her husband would have every moment documented. Every milestone captured by talented photographers. 

On the evening of January 23rd 2017 Brannan text me to let me know that her water had broken. It was finally time to meet their sweet baby. She went into the hospital and waited through the night for labor to start. The next day nothing had happened so she started the induction process. Around 4pm that day I headed up to try some doula tricks to get her progressing through the induction process. We did side laying releases and used the peanut ball to prop open her hips through that evening. 

After about four to five hours of doing side laying releases and peanut ball positions she finally had progressed to a five! There were tears of joy all around the room. The steady prayers and encouragement in the room was strong. Brannan believed in her body and kept her faith in Gods plan for her labor and delivery. 

After a few more hours Brannan was still five centimeters. It was now around 3:30am on January 25th. I decided to head home for a little sleep and would come back in a few hours. Before I left they were sleeping soundly. Resting up for the joy of becoming parents that day. 

At 8am I got the call that she was 9cm! I rushed out the door and arrived to the hospital 15 minutes later. They were waiting for a little cervical lip to move out of the way to push. 

After a few hours they decided to try to push that last bit of cervix out of the way. Brannan mustered all of her strength as family and friends surrounded her. After a few pushes they decided to let her rest and see if that last bit of cervix would move. 


Brannan had been praying the whole time she was in labor. Asking that God give her signs on what she was supposed to do. She knew she wanted to have a vaginal birth but also was realistic that if she needed a c-section then that is what she would do. I remember there was a moment after pushing that she said out loud "God just give me that sign so I can make sure she is safe and delivered safe." After her next dilation check, with that little lip still left and Brannan exhausted, they decided on a c-section. There were many tears. As any mom would feel defeated, she took it with strength and dignity. Instead of sorrow for her birth she was crying with happiness that they were FINALLY going to meet their baby. After days of labor they were going to hold their baby. The room changed to a upbeat atmosphere and it was time to bring her back to meet her daughter. Brannan was wanting images of her baby born and here in Hampton Roads they do not allow photographers into the OR routinely. Believe it or not but one of the nurses who would be in there is also a photographer in Williamsburg! She took my camera into the OR room and was able to get some awesome images for me to edit with their birth story! 


Cecilia Blascak 6lbs 15oz born Janurary 25th 2017.