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When Carmen contacted me to document her birth I was over the moon to hear she had Hired Renea and Chelsea for the birth. Upon meeting her for the first time she shared with me her previous birth journey and explained that she really wished she had images done during. Something empowering happened to her and she had a few images to document it but parts of her story were missing. 

Early one morning I got the call that it was time! I snuck out quietly from my home and made my way the 10 minutes to her home. I was greeted by her amazing mom and turned the corner to find Carmen swaying with her contraction. Her home was put together in the most beautiful, quaint, homebirth atmosphere. She had my blue birth pool blown up and her lights hanging. Surrounded by the stuff that made her soul happy. It was evident that she was in active labor and we all took our places to wait and see when her son would be born. Her son, August, was awake and eager to see his new brother. He showered Carmen with love and affection while she rested between her waves. 

Her mom and husband took turns applying counter pressure through her waves until she was able to get into the shallow water of the pool. Once she got into the pool she found her sensations eased by the flow of the warm water over her stomach. When a wave would come she would lean forward and the closest person would apply pressure to her back.  

We all sat around holding her space as she worked with her body to progress into transition. August came out of the room and stood by his mom wanting to help. He would go wet the washcloth with cold water and place it ever so gently on her head. 

Renea and Chelsea could tell that the baby, and Carmen, needed a little help getting the best position possible for delivery. Renea suggested that she get out of the birth pool and make her way into the bedroom to do some position changes. Once she got into the bedroom Renea and Chelsea helped to get her on all fours and Renea used a rebozo to sift her belly. 

After about 20 minutes in the room Carmen made her way back to the comfort of the birth pool. Once she entered the water her body took over and actively pushing. Only 15 minutes after Carmen got back into the pool her sweet little boy started making his way earth side. After pushing for a few minutes her son was brought into the world with one powerful push and a little assistance from the midwives. 


After a few minutes Carmen and her new sweet boy made their way to the bedroom once again. Once the placenta was delivered her mom and dad came into the room to check out the new family member. August got to cuddle his new little brother and we were able to get some awesome images of their first two hours of being a family of 4.