The Sacred Birth Room | Hampton Roads Birth Photographer

Something that people, who usually do not have the birth experience that I have, do not understand when I say I can refer someone who is inquiring to another birth photographer. Why would I want to give up money? 

Let me start that a birth room is a sacred space. A space that is of a mother and her spouse and it should be kept as a sacred area. No drama comes into a room. No ill feelings. No negative energy should EVER be brought into a birth space. These energies that you put out can directly effect a way a mother is laboring and even her spouses demeanor. You may not even say anything but your thoughts are directly connected to the energy that surrounds you. 

99% of my clients come from people who have been following me for years. People who I usually have never met before and we have no past history. If I do get friends as clients I make sure before I ever say I will walk into their birth space that our energy between the two of us is conductive to a happy and healthy birth environment. Its my practice that I want what is best for every mom during their most vulnerable moments. I will never let greed, money, ego or selfishness get in my way of making sure that a client has the best energy she can for her birth. 

Not everyone realizes that this can be a moment that you need to step back and re evaluate who is in your birth space. Ask yourself the following questions

  • Have you and said person have a healthy relationship that does not consist of drama, past falling outs or questionable moments? 
  • Will said person be conductive to my birth space?
  • Will said person know the moments that they should be a fly on the wall or the moments that you will need support?
  • Will said person respect everyone in your birth team and allow you to have the most fulfilling birth?
  • Will said person accept all of your birthing plans and supporting you 100% to help you achieve said plans?
  • Will you feel comfortable with this person in your room seeing you naked?
  • Will your partner be welcoming of all of the people in the birth space?

These are just some things to consider when you welcome others into your birth room. There is no do overs for this very pregnancy that you are going through. No retry for this very baby. Make sure that you feel 100% comfortable and your birthing support team does as well. 


I say all of this with the most love in my heart. My goal as a birth photographer and doula is to make sure that my clients are getting the most out of my energy and my art. There is do no over for me either. I am human and even though I have a great knowledge on how to clear my energy before a birth, having a past with difficulties letting go makes me only human like the rest of society. I would respect if I tried to hire someone and they told me this. I wish that everyone would do the same for people who have in the past had to refer them out as well. Birth is sacred and it is not a place for the wrong kind of energy. 

Michelle CollinsComment