Birth of Madison | Langley Air Force Base Labor and Delivery | Hampton Roads Birth Photographer

When I met for the first time with Brittany she brought along her three boys and her husband. You could tell that she was out numbered and in need of some estrogen in her home to balance things out. Later on into her pregnancy she found out that she was having a little girl and she was over the moon to finally get a daughter. 

The morning that Brittany went into labor she text me to let me know that her water had broken and even though her contractions were not too painful that she was headed to the hospital. This being her fourth baby and going into labor naturally I headed in behind her and arrived at 11am. She had previously been induced with the three boys so there is no telling how fast this would go. 

Upon arriving to the hospital Brittany and her husband were talking and joking in between contractions. This only last for two and then transition hit and her labor got hard, fast. 

She was not longer talking and joking and I knew that the birth was going to be fast. About 20 minutes after I got there she started to feel more pressure. Her husband was by her side and gave her the most tender support through the transition phase. 

After about 40 minutes of being there it was time for her to push. Sweet Madison was born at 11:49am and placed right into her moms welcoming arms. 

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