Birth of Wilder | Bon Secours Depaul Labor and Delivery Norfolk Virginia | Hampton Roads Birth Photographer

I walked into Barns and Noble to meet Amy for the first time. It was two months before her due date and she decided last minute that she wanted this day documented. The moment that I sat down I could feel her energy from across the table. Bubbly and humble. We talked for a while as we waited for her husband, Jackson, to join us. She told me the story about how Jackson was in a horrific crash before they met and he almost lost his life. Now all that is left are scars that remind him every day that he is blessed. 

When Jackson arrived we talked more about birth photography and what they wanted out of having this day documented. Amy told me that she wanted the moments of love between the two of them documented. The moments that they meet their little boy and the love that would fill the room. I knew this birth was going to be beautiful!

On March 4th, about a month away from her due date, Amy sent me a text message stating that labor has begun. She was having contractions all day and was praying that she would make it another week to 37 weeks She ended the message with "I think this baby may be coming earlier than April 2nd. Wanted to put a bug in your ear."

Her intuition was correct. 

In the early hours of the next morning I got a call and Amy was in labor. I waited for a hour to hear if she wanted me to head to the hospital yet. The next call was that she was 8cm and moving fast. I rushed out the door and made it to the hospital to see she was sure to deliver soon. Amy was accompanied by Aimee, a doula with Birth Insight, and her husband Jackson. The two of them offered emotional, physical and spiritual support to her. 

Amy is a beautiful laborer. She swayed with each surge and let her body do what it had to do. Jackson would come up and rub her back or give her a gentle kiss. These moments are the sweetest to document. The littlest things that you forget are the sweetest that you want to remember. 

Before we knew it, Amy was ready to push. The nurse got everyone in their places and Amy pushed a few times. During one push her water broke and shot across the room. I am not joking. Her water went about 10 feet past the nurse, clipping her in the process. It had to have been the most funny water breaking experience that I have ever witnessed. Once her waters had broken it was time for Wilder to make his appearance. 

With Wilder being 36 weeks Amy and Jackson were brought up to speed on what they would be looking out for as far as premature complications. With a few more pushes Wilder was welcomed into the world. He was placed on Amy's chest and Jackson looked on as his wife became a mother. The moments were surreal and so very beautiful. 

Soon after cutting the cord, Wilder was brought over to the warmer where the nurses started to work on him. He was having a difficult time breathing and soon they had to use the CPAP to assist him. Amy and Jackson looked on. The unknown was troubling their minds. You could cut the silence with a knife as they watched their son struggling to maintain his stats. Wilder was taken to the nursery and Amy and Jackson were left to pray as they waited for a update. 

The next few days would be some of the hardest they have experienced in their lives. Another blog post will share with you Wilders NICU stay and the triumphs that God played in their lives.