Custom Image Editing

Are you super busy with your photography season and needing a break from all of the editing? I am offering session editing for all session types but specializing in birth sessions.


Saving time by outsourcing

I know as a professional photographer that sometimes you hit that deadline and know you still have hours to go on editing and sessions planned through the whole week. It can be daunting to try to fit everything into your schedule. Custom images editing takes out that extra time you could be shooting more sessions, spending time with your family or pampering yourself with a much needed break. 


Portrait| $1.00 per image

1-2 day turn around rush order fee $40



Birth/Weddings | $.50 per image

1-2 day turn around rush order fee $75


$2-10 Depending on what needs to be done to each image. Price is per image and turn around time is depending on the size of the gallery. 

How does this work?

First things first, I work in Photoshop CC only. I have been using PS since 2003 and have really grown to love the program. If you wish to work with me still, thats wonderful! If you wish to work with someone who uses Lightroom, please contact me and I can hook you up with an amazing editor who does!

All files will be shared through dropbox. I require that they are raw files. Finished images will be shared again via dropbox. Included in editing services I will correct lighting, skin smoothing and editing, face swaps (if the image is able to accommodate that), cloning, liquifying etc. I am pretty proficient in all the tools in photoshop. I will work with your deadline to make sure that we have the images editing and back to you before that deadline! 

I will allow one free image edited per photographer interested in seeing what I can do. I will match your style if you wish or you can send me your pre made actions, if you have them. If for some reason you are not 100% happy with your gallery please let me know asap so I can make sure that we are producing the best quality images for your brand and customer. 

Do you have other questions? Ready to book? Want to see me edit one of your images for free to see if you are in love? Click the button below to contact me!