Michelle Lynn

because they only have their first breath once

Documenting birth is more than just the delivery of their new baby. There is a journey that moms and their families go through to get to that very moment. Each passing minute of labor is part of your story. Each contraction, each moan, each position, and each tear that falls. It all ties together into a amazing story on how you brought your child into this world. I document birth because it is my passion in life. Documenting these moments for moms to look back on and be empowered. You did that. You overcame. You conquered. They only have their first breath once, why not document that moment? I bring a unique style to birth photography in the Hampton Roads area. 


It all happened out of chance. 

Growing up I have always had a fascination with birth and women during labor. The thought of working with moms in labor started after my first child was born. I knew that I had to work in the birth field so I started my journey as a doula. After a few months of working on my certification I attended my first birth and the second that the baby was born a birth photographer was born in me. Using the moms camera phone was just not cutting it and I had ideas in my mind that I had fulfill. From there I started researching and realized that there was such a thing as birth photography and I soon embarked on my journey. 

Almost five years late and 93 birth attended I have truly found my passion in life. Not just from the photography aspect but to empower women. I pour my heart and soul into the families that have chosen me to document their amazing journey. To me it is not just a job, it is my life. 

I find that I have a unique style here in the Hampton Roads area. I bring contrast and mood to all of my birth images. I prefer sharp, bright and detailed shots. Color is my thing and you will find that most of my birth galleries are 90% color images. There is just so much detail in the colors of your birth story that help to bring the details to light. The images that I do choose to put in black and white are to highlighting the subject that I want to portray in the image. With color being my main way of editing my images you can see my technical skill by the perfect balance in each image. 


Newborn features change within minutes and hours

Their creamy skin tones turn pink once the oxygen hits their lungs. Their heads start to form back into perfect little round kissable heads. Their wrinkly little toes and fingers plump up as they start to nurse from their moms. Their whole body changes as every minute passes. Can you say that you remember exactly how they looked when they were born? The vernix or lack of? Their purple, cream, pink, red or white skin tone? All of these moments are part of their story. 


Birthing Facilities

Bon Secours Depaul Midwifery Center & Labor and Delivery, Norfolk VA

Bon Secours Maryview, Portsmouth VA

Bon Secours Mary Immaculate, Newport News VA

Sentara Norfolk General VA

Sentara Leigh, Norfolk VA

Sentara Princess Ann, Virginia Beach VA

Sentara Obici, Suffolk VA

Riverside Hospital, Newport News VA

Sentara Williamsburg, Williamsburg VA

Chesapeake Regional Hospital, Chesapeake VA

Naval Medical Center Portsmouth, Portsmouth VA

Langley Air Force Base Hospital, Hampton VA