Now offering mentoring sessions 

When I first started into my business with photography I felt like I had everyone at my back. There is never enough room in the community for another photographer, that is what it seemed like, and I started to believe that myself. When you have people constantly on your case about your business and putting you down, you can find yourself doing the same to others. Fast forward a few years and I decided to make the decision in 2015 to stop minding everyone else's business.. yes pun intended. I strive to support everyone in their journey to being the best photographer they can be. I do not care if you choose my specialty as your profession, I will support you and still offer mentoring opportunities to help you grow. When I finally met a group of photographers who supported me with my growth and encouraged me with positive critisism, my business flourished. I hope that I can be that light for some people who feel they are lost in the forrest of starting their business. 

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Skype/Facetime Mentoring Session 

Are you a mom who wants to start a photography business but it is hard for you to get out of the house to meet for coffee? I am offering 30 minute and one hour mentoring sessions via Skype or Facetime. These sessions will be mainly done in the evenings and you will be able to ask me any questions about photography, business, marketing, editing etc. When your time is up you are welcome to book another session with me to go over any other questions you may have. Make your time worth while and write down any questions you have. I will try my best at each session to answer your questions in the best and fastest way possible. 

2017 Pricing | 30 min- $75 | 1 hour- $150

Coffee Mentoring Session

Do you want to get away form home and sit down and have coffee with me? With a in person mentoring session you will be able to chat face to face with me about anything photography related. Wanting to start a business and you do not know where to start? I can sit down with you and help you navigate the crazy papers and forms to do just that. Having trouble with your pictures and need a one on one editing lesson? Bring your computer and I can show you the ropes and help you figure your style out. These sessions will be 2 hours long and during that time you will be able to ask me anything under the sun about photography. 

2017 Pricing | $300

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Mentoring Photoshoot

Are you feeling like you are stuck during your sessions and would like a little guidance? I will shadow you during one of your sessions and help you with camera settings, posing, picking the perfect spot and also will throw in a few head shots for you that evening. These sessions can be anything from maternity, family, lifestyle newborn, lifestyle maternity, milk bath, fresh 48 and so on. Lets get you on the right track and knocking those sessions out of the park.  Sessions will only be done only a hour before sunset and will run 15-20 minute past sunset if outdoors. Times may vary for indoor lifestyle sessions.

2017 Pricing | $350