Congratulations on the delivery of your sweet baby. Your placenta pills are finished and there are several ways that you can use them! Please keep your pills in the freezer. Like any meat product it can go bad. Keeping it in the freezer will keep them fresh. Take your placenta pills with a snack, they are like fish oil pills and can cause burps that are less than desirable if taken on a empty stomach. 
The standard way to take your pills are as follows
*Start off with two pills two times a day for a week. *Once your first week is finished go down to one pill two times a day. *Once the second week is done go down to one pill once a day until you finish your pills. 
They also can help give you a energy boost!
*If you are in need of a energy boost take one to two pills with a snack. 
Need a milk supply boost?
*The extra minerals in your placenta pills can help you increase your milk supply. 

Every woman is different. If you get a headache from your first week of placenta pills drop down to the dosage for the second week (1 pill twice a day). 
You can prolong the amazing benefits of your pills! 
*Take 10 capsules and empty them into a jar that can be air tight. Put 1 oz of high proof alcohol (I suggest Everclear or anything 90 proof or more). Shake the jar occasionally and let it all merry together for 40 days. After the 40 days of curing strain the jar of liquid through a coffee filter and place the liquid into a tincture jar. This will never go bad and you can keep it for future use. When you take your tincture you take 1-3 drops into one oz of liquid. 
If at any time you have questions about your pills please feel free to email or call.  

If you have purchased a tincture the directions are as follows

*Keep the tincture out of the sunlight and in a cool dry place. Every day or every few days give the jar a swirl to move the contents around. You will let this cure for 40-60 days. After the time period has passed you will take the spice bag provided and drain the placenta and alcohol through the spice bag into a glass cup. Once it has been strained you will put the liquid into your tincture jar. 1-3 drops of tincture in one Oz of liquid is recommended dose. If you wish for me to come and finish the tincture it is free of charge and takes a total of five minutes. You can request that at 904-537-6418.

Michelle Collins