the raw maternity movement


Are you wanting a session that is not posed like the typical maternity session? Something raw and natural and makes you feel comfortable?

The point behind The Raw Maternity Movement is to get moms out of the woods and into their homes. I want to be able to document them in a place where they are comfortable and not trying to do a session that may make them feel uncomfortable. 



The point of the raw sessions are to empower moms to love what they have in that moment. Love their body and their home. I want them to see their images and feel the familiarity and love that they were taken in a place that they love. 



I have women tell me all the time that they don't feel like they could pull off the maternity dress look. Thats okay. I do not want any moms feeling uncomfortable during their session. I want them to be themselves and embrace the process of documenting this beautiful moment in their life. 

Where are the sessions done?

These sessions will be done in the privacy of your own home. Feel like your home is a mess? No worries! I am not coming to document a clean house. I am coming to document you. The background is just that, the background. It is your life and it is real. Do you feel like you do not have enough space? No worries! I shoot in tiny birth rooms in most hospitals, there is no room too small for me to shoot in. Do you feel like you do not have enough light? No worries! I do not need much light to document you and your family. I just need at least one window and a family that is enjoying each others company. 

What would I wear during this session?

You are welcome to wear anything that you want. You are also welcome to add on a stylizing fee where I go out and pick up something that would flatter your beautiful body and make you feel like a beautiful pregnant woman. Some women have chosen to go full nude and I love that. Showing their confidence in their own skin is one of the most beautiful things you can see. A woman's body is just so stunning during pregnancy. 


2017 Pricing | $200

During the year of 2017 I am discounting this session so I can get more families to see the beauty in their life at home. You will get 

  • 15-20 high resolution digital images
  • Up to one hour of shoot time