Welcome to the family! 

I am excited that you have chosen me to document the amazing journey to meeting your new baby. This page will help you navigate through all of the forms to book your session and any questions that you may have in the months leading up to the delivery. I can not wait to work with you and your family during the next few months. Please click the button below to fill out the new client form as well as your birth photography contract.  

After you have filled out the birth photography contract please give me a few business days to send you your first invoice via email. This invoice will be broken up into a first payment (retainer) and remaining payments as to which we have decided on in your in person meeting. 

Have you taken advantage of my 6 month payment plan?

My 6 month payment plans allow families to be secure in their finances but at the same time be able to hire a professional to document their special day. This payment starts with your $200 deposit to book your due date and goes on for 6 months from that initial deposit. Each month you will have the choice to either do bi weekly payments or monthly payments. If you are to book your session closer to your due date than 6 months your payment plan will extend past your due date and your images will be held safe here until the final payment is made. You will still be able to view your gallery, just unable to download. If you have another payment plan in mind then feel free to contact me and we can come up with a plan. 

How will I know when to call you?

I always tell my clients to call when they feel they may be in labor. This helps to get the wheels going with childcare. Being a mother myself and a wife to a active duty military member, getting childcare is my main priority when a client goes into labor. Having that extra time to get things in place and my sitter on her way makes for a fast appearance from me. I usually tell my clients that active labor is identified by contractions that are 3-4 minutes apart and last for 1 whole minutes. If it is true active labor this will go on longer than a hour and your cervix will usually make some change. I take into consideration if you are a second time mom. Usually with the more kids you have the faster the labors are. If you are prone to rapid labor please let me know as soon as you feel any signs of labor coming on. You should have recieved a magnet with my phone number at your first initial meeting. Refer back to that for instructions on notifying me. 


What happens if you have another mother in labor when I am ready for you to come?

In the case that I am already at a labor when you go into labor I will call my back up if there it seems I will be at that labor for a while longer. My backups are picked carefully and I only choose photographers who have the same skill and experience as I do in the birth room. My backups take the images and turn them over to me to be edited and delivered like normal. This circumstance usually does not happen but when it does I make sure that my clients are 100% taken care of. 

What happens if I have a c-section (planned or emergency)?

If you are having a planned cesarian section I will still arrive at the hospital the day that you are planned to go in. I will arrive with you and document all of the moments leading up to you going back. If you talk to your doctor and anesthesiologist ahead of time they may allow another support person back in the OR with you. In Hampton Roads birth photographers are usually not allowed in the OR but if you talk with your doctor and reassure them that you hired a professional that has experience in the OR room they may be more willing to allow me back. In the event that they do not allow me back I will send in my backup camera in with your support person for them to document what they can. I will add those to all of the other images that I edit and will deliver them just as I deliver the images I have taken. Of course I can not guarantee that they will turn out the same quality as if I had taken it but I rather you have something to look back on. Once your baby is delivered and you are settled in recovery I will come back and continue to document your journey. If there is a emergency c-section before I can arrive to the hospital to start documenting I will still come and document all of the precious moments after delivery and until you go into your postpartum room. I will come back for a fresh 48 before you leave the hospital as well or if you have already booked a fresh 48 I will come to your home to do a lifestyle session. 


I give myself a grace time of 3-4 weeks for a birth session. This is usually not how long it takes but having a family of my own and other birth families on my calendar, I need to make sure I give myself plenty of time to concentrate and edit your gallery. Usually turn around time is 1-2 weeks and I will keep in touch to notify you if there is a delay. 

Will you come to my home if I plan on laboring there longer?

I will most defiantly come to your home if you choose to labor there longer. I actually suggest staying at your home as long as you can so that you can be comfortable during your early labor and move around as you wish. If you wish to go in asap to get pain relief In early labor I just ask that you notify me of your progress when you get there and we will make a plan after active labor has been established. 

Can I keep my images private?

I respect 100% if a family has asked me to keep their images private. Birth is a intimate process and I respect that. If you wish to keep your images private you just have to let me know at our initial meeting and do not sign the model release. If you choose that you would like a few images shared after the delivery you are more than welcome to request the model release to sign. I only share birth images if I have written permission from the families before hand.


I want my images to be modest. Can you skip the detailed birth images?

Of course! In our initial meeting I go over what you would like from your birth documentation. Each family is different on what they want captured and I respect their wishes. During a delivery I capture as much or as little as the family has asked me to document. Sometimes I may get images that I question if you would want or not, in a event of this I will edit the images and put into a separate folder on your gallery that you can access and view images if you wish. Examples of images that I would put in a different folder would be delivery, placenta, images that contain blood or mechonium. 

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me any day between 10am and 5pm via phone or anytime via text or email/messenger.