Do you have questions?

Some of the typically asked questions can be easily answered. 

What is your booking fee?

To book your session there is a $200 retainer fee. This feel holds your spot for birth photography and goes towards your full session price. If you choose to utilize my 6 month payment plan your next payment will be one month after your deposit is paid. 

How many birth have you attended?

I have had my business for 4 almost 5 years and have attended 88 births as of January 2017. I started off taking images at my very first birth as a doula and have taken pictures at all doula births as well as birth photography births. 

Do you have backup equipment?

I always carry both my main shooting camera and a back up camera that is the same exact model as my main shooter. I make sure that I always have extra equipment with me. Better safe than sorry. Birth can not be re shot so I want to make sure that I am 100% ready for any situation. 

How long does it take you to get to a birth?

Depending on where the place of delivery is it can take me up to 90 minutes to arrive to your birth. This is why I love when clients keep me in the loop on how contractions are progressing and how things are moving along. I know that sometimes birth is unpredictable and labor can suddenly start, this is why I have many sitters to come stay with my children so I can leave right away. I take each labor as a case by case basis on how fast I rush to the birth. If you have a history of rapid labor please bring that up during our one on one meeting. I have special precautions that I go through to ensure that I can drop everything and leave as soon as you call. 

What if I do not want my images shared on social media or your website?

I have each client look over a model release when they book. If a client does not want their images shared they have every right to not sign the model release. Before I share any image I always check back with the mother and make sure she is okay with me sharing them. During our first meeting we can also go over what you are okay with me sharing and what you are not okay with me sharing. Birth photography is such a specific session and I only do a few births a month. My images are my advertising so even if the only image you are comfortable with me sharing is a image of your child's tiny toe, I will still greatly appreciate the permission to share. If you want no images to be shared I 100% respect your decision. 

I am delivering in a hospital and I want delivery images during the birth.

Most hospitals in the Hampton Roads area do not allow birth photographers to get up close and personal during the actual delivery of the child. In some cases midwives or doctors will allow this to happen if the mother asks for those images during the delivery. Your best bet is to wait until you are in labor and about to have the baby to tell your care provider that it is something you want. In the heat of the moment they will usually agree. 

I am undecided about birth photography because I am delivering in a hospital and I think the rooms are not pretty. 

That is a valid feeling. I know that some people, like me, who wanted to have a home birth but instead had to deliver in a hospital. It is not the way that you visioned your delivery. I get that. It can be just as beautiful as a home birth. My birth photography focus' on the details of your labor, not the details of the room. I have had clients in the past who did not like the hospital "look" but they still loved their images because in the end it did not matter where they gave birth, they got to relive the experience over and over through images. 

What happens if I have to have a c-section?

In the hampton roads area usually only one support person is allowed to be in the OR during the delivery. Hospitals are becoming more progressive so if you notify the anesthesiologist that you have hired a professional to document the birth. They may be inclined to all a second support person back to document the moment that you meet your baby. If they do not allow me back then I hand over my back up camera to your support person to capture images of the delivery. I set my camera to Auto that way there is no confusion on lighting settings etc. The images that are taken will be edited and delivered with the rest of the images I have taken. After the c-section I will continue to document for up to two hours. 

How long does it take after the birth to get the images back?

I usually quote 3-4 weeks to give myself a grace period in case I have a busy month of births. 

What happens if my payment plan ends after the delivery?

I will go over all of the payment plan information in our first meeting. If your payment plan goes a month or so after your due date, I will still attend the birth and edit the images. As soon as the payment plan is paid in full you will receive your images.